Bovoba helps online stores proactively notify customers when fulfillment and shipping delays occur

Using Bovoba = more customer 😍 + a more profitable business


of support tickets are related to ‘Where is my order?’ enquiries from your customers.


of customers list shipping delays as the reason they stop buying from a store.


of a store’s profit margin is generated by repeat customers.


Shipment tracking with Bovoba

will increase customer satisfaction, help reduce support tickets volume and generate more repeat sales. What more do you need? :-)

Bovoba super-power #1: Delivery Checker

Step 1: Tell us how quickly orders sent by [your carrier] should normally be delivered to your customer (i.e. the delivery window).

Step 2: We track every shipment with that carrier. Any time a shipment is not marked as delivered before the cut-off time lapses, we send your customer and the support team a notification.

Step 3: Once the shipment is back ‘in-transit’, we again update all parties.

What if there is no delay? Great! We simply send any of the regular tracking notification emails you want to send out.*

Result? Wow your shoppers with a superb ‘We are on top of things’ mentality and see your repeat customer rate increase, followed by an increase in your profits.

You’re welcome :-)

Branded tracking pages (coming soon)

Why send your customer to the tracking page of your carrier? Instead, send them to a tracking page that is 100% on brand.

  • Offer additional product information.
  • Pitch any referral or membership programmes.
  • Offer cross-sell to other products. 
  • ..or whatever.

With our custom tracking page builder, you can customise your page to reflect whatever you need to continue to grow CLV, even before the first shipment has arrived.

Bovoba super-power #2: Fulfillment Checker

Step 1: Tell us what the cut-off time is for same day fulfilment. Segment by day or carrier if needed.

Step 2: We carefully track every completed purchase in your store. If an order is not fulfilled before the cut-off time lapses, we send your support team a notification.

Step 3: Your support team can look into the issue and check to see if the order has indeed not been fulfilled on time. If so, they can now proactively communicate that to the customer and get the warehouse to address the problem pronto!

Result? We help reduce the infamous ‘here is my order?’ enquiries (which account for 40% of your support tickets).

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Still not convinced?

Perhaps you will be when you see how much not using Bovoba is really costing you.

Calculate how much not using Bovoba Delivery Checker is currently costing you.

We believe the cost is best reflected by the amount of annual revenue lost from potential repeat customers. Select the inputs below that match with your online store to find out.

My online store on average generates orders per day. On average, % of the shipments to our customers will experience a delay in the delivery process.

% of our customers tend to be repeat buyers. Let's assume that % of our repeat customers who experience a delay due to sync issues tend to churn.

Our average order value per repeat customer is approx. . Our repeat customers tend to place orders per annum. The average lifetime of a repeat customer is years.


Successful online stores are not reactive,
they are proactive. Get Bovoba today.

Setting up your Bovoba account is easy. No need to involve a developer, just answer a few questions about your shipping setup and hey presto!


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Done! We email your team (and your customers) if something goes wrong.

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